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we empower career advancement

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Currently, around 2,500 individuals collaborate with us across a network of 36 hotels spanning eight countries (as of March 2024). This positions our company among the leading German hotel groups. 

The well-being of our team members and the nurturing of their talents are of utmost importance to us.

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what sets us apart as an employer

The most compelling reason to choose us as an employer is our commitment to providing top-notch and successful training. Each year, 200 apprentices and dual students undergo training with the Lindner Hotel Group. These individuals span various training cohorts and professions, ranging from hotel management, restaurant and event professionals, chefs, kitchen staff, to tourism studies. We have successfully increased the apprenticeship retention rate to an impressive 77 percent.

Our establishments have received numerous accolades in the past, such as the Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck being named "Hotel Property of the Year" or the Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Sportpark receiving the "Sports-Friendly Operation of 2023" award. In the realm of Human Resources, Lindner has secured the Hospitality HR Award three times and consistently ranks high in the "Germany's Best Employers" list as a medium-sized tourism company.

we create space for personal growth

Building on these achievements, we don't rest but continually strive to forge lasting connections with our team members, providing them with perspectives and meaningful work environments. This commitment extends to experienced professionals as well as the 'Gen Z' and upcoming generations. At Lindner Hotel Group, our organizational structures are not just streamlined but also permeable. We take pride in showcasing success stories of team members who began their journey with us as apprentices and now lead our hotels as General Managers. Leadership culture doesn't begin at the top but is an integral part of our overall corporate culture. We embrace flat hierarchies, foster a collaborative atmosphere, and encourage individual initiative. This approach applies both to how we interact with our guests and the personal development of our team members.

promoting diversity, enabling individual careers

Lindner Hotel Group takes pleasure in welcoming people from around the globe every day. Just as diverse as our guests, our team members come from various backgrounds. We ensure discrimination-free workplaces, providing training and awareness programs to ensure everyone feels at home. We actively support women in leadership positions, with around 50 percent of leadership roles in our hotels and headquarters held by women, including executives, Vice Presidents, and female General Managers and Hotel Managers. Become a part of our team and contribute to the success story of an internationally growing hotel chain! Explore job opportunities for students, entry-level professionals, and experienced individuals on the pages of our brands.

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the lindner values

team spirit
We work with each other, not against each other.
We cultivate dialogue rather than simply talking.
We want to support our employees rather than just challenging them.
We offer not only the best product, but the one that suits.
We promote courage rather than the mere avoidance of mistakes.
economic success
We want to secure our future economic success.
We confer responsibilities, instead of merely tasks.
We want enthusiastic and qualified staff.